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Fitting of a "Fuelstar" catalyst to my Hilux.

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On 23 Jun 2003, I purchased a Fuelstar catalyst and fitted it to my Hilux. The purpose of the Fuelstar is to "modify" the fuel before it is fed into the engine, to provide improved fuel economy, improved power, reduction in emissions, and other benefits. It does this by releasing tiny Tin particles (0.1 micron) into the fuel. Read about how it works on Fuelstar's web site at

The device is fitted in the fuel line, just before it enters the engine, between the fuel filter and the motor. It is mounted to the engine block, so that it vibrates, to release the minute Tin particles from specially packed "cones" within the device.

My results on the Hilux... Ok, initially, I noticed no difference with the Fuelstar installed, which I guess is no surprise, because they do say that it will take about 2000k and an oil change before the benefits are gained. It also seems that after 4000k, I am still not getting any benefit is fuel economy while high speed running on country trips, although the motor does feel a little more "spritely". However, I have just completed my first tank full of juice round town, since getting back from my Mt Augustus trip, and it seems that I am getting a gain round town.

Before fitting the Fuelstar, I used to get around 500k from a tank of diesel. My tank is 63L, and I fuel up when the red light comes on at around 57L consumed, which equates to a fuel economy of 11.4L/100k.

After fitting the Fuelstar, this tank just gone was 559.3K, and it took 57.6L (to the 2nd click), which equates to a fuel economy of 10.3L/100k. This is an improvement of just over 10% in fuel economy. Just as well, because Fuelstar guarantee a minimum gain of 10% in economy! I also think that it does go better, so I must be getting a bit more power too.

Conclusion? It seems that the Fuelstar does actually work, but in my situation, the gain seems only at round-town, low speed running, which I guess is ok, considering that most of my driving is round town here in Perth.

Update from 4 Dec 2003: Results are still consistent. Round town, I am still getting 10.3L/100k, and I am definitely not driving for economy... in fact I quite enjoy putting the boot in when the lights go green! Results in the country remain the same too, with almost no improvement measured, which probably just means that the Hilux is not really designed for 110KPH cruising!

Update from 2011: After selling my Hilux, I kept an eye on Fuelstar on the internet. There began to be increasing number of reports that the device was ineffective, and not based on science. Some went as far as saying it was a scam. I am not sure exactly when, but in the following years, the device became unavailable to buy, and the web site was discontinued. So it leaves me wondering wheter my device did indeed work, or whether it was just a placebo effect, that is, I was just driving a little easier which resulted in less fuel consumption.


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