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Balingup Big Jase Hill Climb 3.6mb/21sec

Balingup Clint hill climb1 4.8mb/28sec

Balingup Clint hill climb2  7mb/42sec

Balingup Clint hill climb3 2.6mb/15sec

Balingup Clint hill climb4 3.7mb/21sec

Balingup Dino Rocky hill climb 4.8mb/28sec

Balingup Dino hill climb2 3.6mb/21sec

Balingup Phil Rocky hill climb 1.9mb/11sec

Balingup Robbo hill climb 4.2mb/25sec

Chups Blowing his CV on the Goat Track (6sec/.8Mb)

Shiva blasting up Moore River hill climb 2nd Go (14sec/2Mb) 

Mcgyver trying to Snatch Shane out of the Moore River Mud (6sec/1Mb) 

My Cruiser Climbing the Binninup Sand dunes (15sec/2.1Mb) 

My Mate Tim in his Rangie and sweet V8 GROWL (15sec/2.1Mb) 

Glen and the Mighty Maverick (14sec/2Mb)

Simons Patrol Stuck in the Mud  (14sec/2Mb) 

Getting the Cruiser Bogged Big Time (18sec/2.6Mb)

 Chups and his 100series (57sec/8Mb )

My Cruiser 1 (58sec/8.4Mb)

My Cruiser 2 (37sec/5.3Mb)

Chups Hill Climb Night Nav Moore River  (13sec/1.90Mb)

Styx Hill Climb Moore River (9sec/ 1.4Mb)

Big Pete Hill Climb Moore River  (30sec/ 4.20MB)

Andew Hill Climb Moore River  (11sec/ 1.60Mb)

Pommie water crossing Cataby to Wedge track (24seconds / 3.5Mb)

Crossing The Gardener River In The Cruiser (30seconds / 4.3Mb)

Skip's Hilux Go's Swimming (16 seconds / 2.3Mb)

Robbo's Tojo on Powerline Track (16seconds / 2.2Mb)

Radar's Tojo on Powerline Track (11seconds / 1.6Mb

Hill climb at Balingup - Awesome hill climb (22 seconds / 3.8Mb)

Updated 30th April 2008

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