Dino's 4x4 Trip Pics


Shelter Bay/Steep Point januaray 2020 62 pics Gobush 4wd Club
Southwest D'Entrecasteaux National Park and Nambung Station 120 pics Gobush 4wd club
Holland Track & Lake Johnson 2019 77 pics Gobush 4wd club
Easter 2019 75 pics Yeagerup hut , Calcup dunes,

D'Entrecasteaux National Park

Baladjie Rock , Aurora Range 2018 50 pics outback Touring
Kennedy Ranges July 2018 150 pics Kennedy Ranges national park WA
Gobush 4wd Club Gymkana April 2018 50 pics drivers puting there driving skills to the test
Xmas trip Ayr Sailean December 2017 141 pics exploring aroung the South West Coast Line
Westdale Dirt Drags 2017 77 Pics Dirt drag bikes
Rocks & Ruts Rumble In The Valley June 2017 640 pics Of the Best 4wd action in Western Australia
Ducks Training day for the ladies 68 pics beach run Myalup to Preston
Bremer Bay & Tozers Bush Camp December 2016 131 pics 4wding around the Bremer Bay area
Julimar Day Run November 2016 85 Pics 11 4wds play around Julimar State Forrest
Fish Creek September 2016 109 photos 4wding and camping in the  D'entrecasteaux National Park
Kwolyin August 2016 61 photos
Holland Track June 2016 58 photos Holland track, Cave Hill , Baladgie Rock
Ducks Ladies Drive  day 30 photos the ladies getting behind the wheel
Yeagarup March 2016 301 Pics D'entrecasteaux National Park
Murchison Offroad Adventure Park 2015 212  pics from Me and Mars
Moore River Day Run July 2015 168 photos exporing aound the Moore River
Baladjie rock, aurora range and Jaurdi Station 150 pics awesome camping
Esperence , Cape Arid , Cape Le Grand 257 pics 4wdign and camping around Esperence
Canning Stock Route 740 pics Canning Stock Route , Bungle Bungles,Winjana Gorge
Gobush 4WD Club End Of Year Trip 107 pics Bremer Bay and Fitzgerald National Park
Holland Track 2013 182 pics following the Holland track from Coolgardie to Hyden
Pemberton June 2013 68 photo's 4wding around D'entrecasteaux  and Shannon National Parks
Peaceful Bay Xmas 2012 4wding around Walpole and surrounding area's 
White Hills Beach to Myalup Beach 2012 42 pics 4wding on the Beach
Aurora Range and Wheat Belt Tour June 2012 155 pics 1000ks touring the wheat belt
Murchison Offroad Adventures 98 pics Gobush explores MOA
Wedge to Lanclin February 2012 93 pics beach run
Northern Territory via Great Central rd 698pics 5 4wds tour the NT
Sandy Cape Jurien Bay March 2011 143 pics
Helena and Aurora range 231 pics Touring the Ranges
Murchison Off-road Adventures and Kalbarri February 2010 113 pics 4wding around MOA and Kalbarri
Gobush Xmas Party November 2009 76 pics Xmas Party  November2009
Lancelin to Cervantes November 2009 72 pics 4wding from Lancelin to Cervantes
Pemberton Foundation day LWE 121 pics touring the D'entrecasteaux National Park
Tims Thicket 15 February 2009 55 pics beach run from Tims to Preston
Ellendale Pool September Long Weekend  2008 130 pics Ellendale pool and surrounds
Lancelin to Cervantes 23rd and 24th Aug 2008 120pics along the beach and up the Sand dunes
Harvey 5th July 2008 150pics me and my mates explore the tracks around Harvey
Sand, Rocks and Reservoirs 18th may 2008 50pics From the Tims Thickets beach to Logue Brook Dam
Balingup April 2008 Anzac Long Weekend 400 pics 14 4wds play around the hills of Balingup
Pommies Trip 6th April 2008 26 pics and 5 videos playing in the MUD
Easter Trip 2008 210 pics Camping. Fishing and of Course 4wding
Wedge Island  to Lanclin February 2008 40pics 4wding around the dunes from Wedge to Lanclin
Garden Island Heron Bay January 111 pics soaking up the sun on Garden Island
Wilbinga Beach 2nd December 2007  39 pics  a dozen 4wds play on the beach
Harvey Hills November 2007 116 PIcs challenging hill climbs around Harvey
Pemberton September Long weekend 2007 155 pics , Pemberton, Calcup Hill, Warren Beach, Yeagerup,
Mud Guts and Glory 2007 211 pics 40 4wds test there skills and Machines
Wedge island 3rd & 4th June 2007 107 pics 4wding and camping around Wedge
Austracks ladies Training Day 75 pics The Gobush Girls some wheeling in the sand
Rooster's Anzac Day Run 25/04/07 23 pics Exploring  The Bush
Guilderton to Seabird 29th April 2007 27pics
Wilbinga Beach 15th April 2007 46 pics Fun in the sand
Tims Thicket Too Preston Beach 7th April 2007 44 pics Gobush 4wd Club chilling out on the Beach
Powerline Track Mundaring 6th April 2007 80 pics 9 4wds take up the challenges of the Powerline  Run
Cervantes March 2007 87 pics  Cervantes, Jurien bay, Lake Indoon 
Collie Wellington Dam January 2007 101 pics 4wding and camping around Collie
Avon River Run December 2006 25 pics 6 4wds explore the Avon
Moore River Base Camp November 2006 80 pics Xmas bash and a long recovery
Wilbinga Beach 29th October 2006 50 pics , 11 4wds play in the Sand
Harvey September 2006 120pics by Dino
Harvey August 2006 180 pics  4wding around Harvey Hills
Macca's Moore River Night nav 8 July 2006 18 pics and 4 videos    18 4wds explore Moore River
2006 4WD Muster RFDS Fundraiser 65 pics
Denmark  Easter 2006 89pics Denmark , Wapole and Albany
Austracks Training Day March 2006 40 pics 4wd Training 
Wilbinga Beach 5th February 2006 64 pics (14) 4wds hit the soft sand beach of Wilbinga
Tims Thicket to Binningup Beach 29 pics Beach run
South West Trip January 2006 218 pics  of Wapole , Warren River, Warren beach
RAAF Pearce Air Show November 2005 144 pics military and civilian aircraft
PaynesFind October 2005 112 pics Run through the wheat belt towns
Pemberton September 2005 217 Pics of Warren beach, Calcup, Moores Hut, Fish Creek
4WD Muster Whitemans Park 42 pics 4WD Muster Anglicare Fundraiser
Mundaring powerline track 11th September 2005 120 pics  Hillclimbs, Mud and lots of water 
Cataby to Lancelin August 2005 144 pics Inland from Cataby  to Wedge then onto Lancelin
Austracks training day 14th August 2005 110 pics from Austracks Training course
My 30th Birthday 109 pics Cocktail Party At East Fremantle Yacht Club
Powerline Track Mundaring June 2005 163 pics of the Powerline track and lots of Mud
Blackwood River June 2005 160 pics Blackwood and Warren river Region (courtesy of Robbo)
Moore River Night Run 20th May 2005 77 pics from  a Night Run to Moore River
Goldfields to South East Coast 16th to 23rd April 2005 363 from the Goldfields and the South East Coast
Powerline track (Mundaring) with Perth4x4.net 35pics Mundaring Powerline track
Cunderdin Air Show 2005 44 pics of various aircraft at Cunderdin Air show
Wilbinga To Seabird 20th March 2005 52 pics from Wilbinga to Seabird
Blackwood river trip March 2005 125 pics from the Blackwood river Region
White Hills beach run to Logue Brook Dam 80 pics from beach driving, hill climbs and some Mud
Go Bush Dunsborough and Collie trip 2004/2005 189 pics End off 2004 and New Years 2005
Go Bush 4WD Club Xmas BBQ 36 pics Go bush Xmas BBQ
Lancelin & Wedge Island November 2004 72 pics Lancelin & Wedge fun in the sand
Moore River November 2004 34 pics from camping at Moore River
Mundaring 24th October 2004 115 pics Mundaring Hill Climbs
5 Year wedding Anniversary 54 pics from Nannup and Surrounding Area's
Paynes Find September 2004 92 pics from touring around Paynes Find
Trackcare September 2004 21 pics from Mundaring
Cataby to Lanclin September 2004 84 pics 4x4 beach run
Cervantes Trip July 2004 86 pics Cervantes, Jurien and Stockyard Gully Caves
Powerline track July 2004 66 pics Powerline track from Mundaring to Talbot rd Mud
Blackwood River June 2004 149 pics from trip with 4x4 club to Blackwood river region

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